The Over-Caffeinated Entrepreneur

The Over-Caffeinated EntrepreneurPosted on August 8, 2010 by The Over-Caffeinated Entrepreneur


I am happy claiming to be the over-caffeinated guy with too many projects and too little time, with a constant need for caffeine.  Since I don’t sleep as much as I should, my feeling is that if I don’t stay informed and inform others, I just might fall over dead. That’s when I’m certain I will get all the sleep I can possibly imagine.

This blog is a reflection of my philosophies, my client’s successes and crises, my grandfather’s teachings, as well as information I have gleaned through my business ventures.  What I have learned cost me time, money and most of all, pain.  Scar Tissue is what I call my knowledge bank, and I have earned every bit of it. It’s not legal advice or tax advice, it’s what I know.  It’s me.


I am pleased to announce that I have recently been taken on by one of the most successful online news agencies; THE NATIONAL NETWORKER NEWS.  Some of my articles will be featured monthly, beginning August 8, 2010.  They will also appear here.


“Take a look at the national networker – it is a powerful business tool.”



“Get your free subscription to THE NATIONAL NETWORKER today – it is a powerful tool, and a necessity for conducting profitable business.”

I hope you take advantage of the information I am happy to share.  If any piece of information, a tip, advice or Scar Tissue Example helps you avoid loss, then I have achieved my goal.

Feel free to comment on any article, and I will happily respond (time permitting) as quickly as possible if need be.


6 Responses to The Over-Caffeinated Entrepreneur

  1. Very neat blog, I’m looking for ideas and also trying to find out how a blog would help with business, thanks!

    • Dear Diane,

      Thanks for the feedback; it’s great to hear from people about my writing. As you might guess, I am a consultant to the entrepreneur and emerging enterprise groups, so providing free content not only is my way of giving back but it also boosts my credibility, popularity and will create an audience for my next book launch.

      I hope you continue to read my articles, and stay tuned for my upcoming book on Kindle with Amazon.

      I have a free idea for you if you want. It is a way for you to boost your daily revenues, if you are a retailer. Feel free to contact me privately at

      Best regards,

      David J Dunworth

  2. The “Over-caffeinated” terms fits me so well.
    I think I can definitely relate to some of those feelings.

  3. Joel Berman says:

    Hello David

    As an entrepreneur myself, I can truly relate to your comments. I would like to add to your Scar Tissue (knowledge ). Please take a look at my website: ( if what you see has value to you or to some of of your clients, please reach out to me.


    Joel Berman
    Credit Insurance International Risk Management, Inc

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