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Bright Video Email Ideas for Dim Bulbs

There are a few production tasks to perform in order to produce effective video emails. First, choose a backdrop to position you in front of and make sure the light source will be behind the camera. You might be sitting at a desk, standing near a bookshelf or walking through the factory. Don’t sit with a window behind you as the image will be dark. Ensure the lighting is behind the camera. In any case, ensure that the lighting is sufficient to produce a clear, visible image. Continue reading

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The Death Knell for LBS

Apple’s statements merely raised questions and controversy, and Representative Barton (R. Texas) stated that Apple “Lied” to him and other lawmakers. In a meeting more than a year ago, Apple told them that its phones don’t collect and transmit location-based data when location services when the tracking is shut off. Continue reading

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Video Email Basics for Today’s Marketers

Sending video emails with full color custom templates to highlight them is as easy as pie, and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the ability to either. Continue reading

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Ensuring CRM withQR Codes

Ensuring CRM With QR Codes By David J Dunworth (CEO of TeXT-Icon Mobile Marketing Communications) QR Codes are beginning to appear on all sorts of products, adverts and media platforms. One can spot them in magazine ads, on packaging, on … Continue reading

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The Circle of Business Success

Through this process, every aspect of business should be central to the organization. What I mean is that everything should be available to the entire planning team, from marketing and sales to operations, finance and senior leadership. A single marketing calendar for promotions, sales strategic planning so that it can coincide with marketing, finance to ensure that funds will be available to support the sales and marketing activities and operations to ensure that staffing levels, raw materials and resources are on hand and ready for production. The entire supply chain is affected, and therefore should be an active participant of the “Circle” team. Continue reading

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