Retail Rallies Around Mobile – mHealth Uncertain of its Use

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Retail Rallies Around Mobile – mHealth Uncertain of its Use


David J Dunworth O. C. E.

As recently reported by Millennial Media (see SMART Report-April,’11), mobile commerce and the use of other mobile media has increased significantly over prior year’s reported results.
Taken directly from the Mobile Marketing Watch, here’s what is reported today:
According to the report, the total number of consumers who accessed some type of retail content on their mobile device in a given month jumped 74% year-over-year to 13 million total.  Interestingly, of that 13 million over 6.5 million accessed retail content on their mobile device one to three times per month, 4.2 million atleast once a week, and 2.2 million consumers accessed some form of retail content on their mobile device almost every day.
Here’s some other quick findings from this month’s report:
    • The Top 3 Campaign Goals in April were LeadGen/Registrations, Sustained In-Market Presence, and Product Launch/Release, together representing 76% of the Advertiser Campaign Goals Mix.
    • Application Download grew 26% month-over-month and represented 32% of the Post-Click Campaign Action Mix in April.  Entertainment, Travel and Retail brands heavily drove mobile users to Application Downloads in April to reinforce their brands and encourage repeat usage of their mobile properties.
    • Mobile social media experienced growth of 39% month-over-month, with 17% of the Post-Click Campaign Action Mix in April.  Telecom, Entertainment, and Retail advertisers utilized “Mocial” as a post-click campaign action to acquire social media followers and gather feedback on new movie releases and new product launches.
S.M.A.R.T. Report
Statistically speaking, that is a whopping 74% year over year increase, with no ceiling in sight.  What is amazing is that we are really just beginning to see the type of increases already experienced by Europe and Asia markets.  Millennial Media also reports that it reaches more than 92 million users of mobile devices in the United States, and more than 142 million globally.
For this month, Millennial has introduced a new “Mobile Intel” series designed to “help brands navigate the immediate and very real opportunities in mobile advertising.”
Moving on to mHealth
From a different perspective, however, other industries such as mHealth (use of mobile devices and apps in the Health Care space) is also experiencing growth.  There has been concern reported of the spread of infection.
According to a new study from the American Journal of Infection Control, a grave danger is posed by mobile phone usage in hospitals, and not simply because of concerns that radio signals will cause hospital equipment to malfunction.
Although mobile technologies are vastly improving the treatment and quality of life for patients around the world on a rapidly expanding basis, mobile devices may also be responsible for thousands of illnesses.
This could mean tighter controls, or even elimination of mobile devices in medical facilities, both in the hands of medical staff and patients and visitors.
Again, from the Journal, “The types of bacteria that were found on the patients’ phones and their resistance patterns were very worrisome,” the report revealed. “Some investigators have reported that cell phones of medical personnel may be a potential source of bacterial pathogens in the hospital setting.”
Every year in the US, 1.7 million hospital-acquired infections lead to an estimated 100,000 deaths
My perspective
Medical facilities have embraced the use of the mobile device and apps, including QR codes for the transmission of critical information, communication and record tracking.  What concerns this writer is the fact that it has been reported recently that in Turkey, more than 39% of mobile devices tested contained anti-biotic resistant pathogens that can contribute to illness, perhaps even death.  Could this be our first warning about the elimination of the devices in hospitals?
You tell me what you think?
David J Dunworth is an internationally acclaimed author and presenter on the subjects of business, focusing on the entrepreneurs and emerging enterprise arenas.  He is the CEO of TeXT-Icon Mobile Marketing Communications (, an international text and video communications firm offering affordable and bleeding edge technologies for marketing.
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