Brace Yourself Amazon, Here comes the iPad 3

Amazon’s new Kindle Fire was a success, but since the announcement of the soon to be released  iPad 3 from Apple, there may be need for immediate concern.  As far as new product research goes, on February 24, 2012, TechBargains, a discount electronics website survey indicated that as many as 53% of Kindle Fire owners plan on purchasing the new iPad 3, expected within the next week or two. Apparently the bloom is already off the rose, so to speak, as even as many as 6% of those surveyed said they would stand in line on opening day of the iPad 3 delivery just to make sure they acquire one.

I have to say, as a new product research aficionado, this isn’t earth shattering news.  As an owner of both a Kindle and Kindle Fire, I thought the upgrade to the color reader would vastly improve my experience over my trusty black and white reader.  However, the books I became so dependent upon are not available (yet) on the Fire, which is a big disappointment.

With the new product research rather sketchy at the moment on the iPad 3, TechBargains’ survey also highlighted some of the most hoped-for  features, and would be elated to discover were contained in the new product launch.

Of the respondents, 58% want to upgrade their current tablet and 74% concede that no tablet compares to an iPad.

  • Quad Core Processor: 85%
  • Better Speaker: 82%
  • USB Port: 82%
  • Memory Card Slot: 81%
  • Less Reflective Screen: 72%
  • Siri: 65%

 “When it comes to tablets, Apple’s iPad will continue to remain the leader,” said Yung Trang, President and Editor in Chief of “But what’s very interesting is that Kindle Fire was released just three months ago and yet more than half of Fire owners already know that they will, in fact, buy the iPad 3. This could be a commentary on consumer dissatisfaction with Amazon’s product or simply a message that the iPad’s user experience remains unparalleled.”

As a new product research buff, I took a good look at the iPad and the iPad 2 and was quite impressed in the upgrades that came with the second version.  Uncertain of what is in store for us with the upcoming version, all I can say is that it has to be a step beyond what anyone is expecting.  The change in leadership at Apple will not have impacted the product, as things have been buzzing along with Mr. Jobs’ involvement for some time.  His passing is certainly a blow, but not to the technical side of the business. At least not in product function.  Esprit ‘ d Corps is another thing.

Personally speaking, I use the Kindle more than the Kindle Fire, mainly out of habit, but I am hoping that Amazon makes some needed improvements in the page turn feature, the availability of more books, but I too, am anxious to see what the iPad 3 brings.

Happy Techno Shopping!


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Dunworth’s success comes from a simple belief; “I can sleep when I am dead; then there will be plenty of time for that!” Since the door to door days of his youth, Dunworth has opened, managed and sold more than 25 businesses, and works as a consultant to entrepreneurs and emerging enterprises. His advice for entrepreneurs desiring to grow quickly: “Find the busiest man or woman you can find and enlist their support. You’d be amazed at the results.”
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