Why Embracing Content Marketing Makes Sense

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Why Embracing Content Marketing Makes Sense

Content marketing is more than a concept, it is a strategy that incorporates many different aspects of marketing. Content marketing is most effective when it is part of a well thought out marketing plan that results in the generation of leads and sales.  A content copywriter is critical to the success of any content marketing strategy, as the phrase proclaims, “Content is King!”  A professional copywriter infuses said written material with the keywords and long-tail keyword phrases that help the content “get found” by search engines.  Search engine optimization experts claim to know a great deal about searching keywords and the like, but unless they are proficient copywriters, they are limited to the every changing keyword analytic reports that dictate which keywords are most searchable.  Therefore, a true professional copywriter not only provides pertinent original copy, they are also proficient in search engine optimization.

While it is relatively easy to insert keywords into a particular piece of copy, say, an article or blog post, it will prove to be a short run for it.  Should the copywriter take into consideration the long-term strategy, there may well be additional keywords used in addition to the “here and now” focus of the piece.  Articles and blog posts have a relatively short life cycle.  White Papers, Special Reports or eBooks hold their shelf life, and can be fitted into the marketing plan, with the article or blog supporting the overall effort.

Let us look at what it will take to put a marketing strategy into effect.  A professional content strategist can help with the following:
1) Analyze your desired outcomes
2) Assist with defining targeted customer needs
3) Define Calls To Action (CTA’s) concepts
4) Determine the content mix (blog article, white paper, webinar, email, eBook, video)

One of the most cost effective ways toward success is to align yourself with a quality copywriter. Professionally speaking, a content marketing strategist is a mini-agency that can sift through the corporate goals and aspirations, information on the company’s web site, long-term mission and vision and other on-hand information and put an action plan together to be most effective.  However, without end result analytics, you won’t be able to identify which content product is the most effective.  A good content strategist will be able to provide the necessary reporting through Google Analytics or other software solutions.

To merely create content randomly will only provide “moment in time” service to your marketing efforts, and doing it in-house may not be a profitable solution.  Contracting with a content marketing strategist, whether it be an individual or firm will enable you to develop a coherent, strategic approach that will yield better results.

Good and Happy Marketing


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