Content Farms……Phoooie!


  Not everyone writes their own marketing material, in fact, there are word farms generating hundreds of articles per hour, specifically for inbound marketing agencies (among others). These agencies are buying automated content and reselling it as original material to their clients at inflated prices.  No kidding, there are people across the globe working for less than one cent a word to produce content.  Death should come quickly to word farms.

As my grandfather taught me, “You get what you pay for.”  He went on to add, “And you don’t get what you don’t pay for.”  Words more true were never spoken.  How can content be engaging, thought provoking or even presented professionally when generated by a piece of word-spinning software?  Why would anyone pay for this style of writing?  What can it possibly add in terms of value to the targeted audience?

Here’s how automated article spinners work.  Keywords highlighting the topic are selected and searched across the internet, checking every article, blog post or news item that features those specific keywords.  The user can request facts only or merely general keyword content.  Once culled, the user can then “spin” an original article from all of these threads of information, without even having a clue on the topic.  Trained monkeys should be able to perform this task with 30 seconds of training.  How this is considered “original content” is well beyond my thinking.”  It obviously cannot be viewed as anything other than the regurgitation of others’ work. No wonder it sells for less than one cent per word.

Please don’t get me wrong, not everyone that writes content for inbound marketing agencies uses this type of system.  There are those that will perform hours of research on a topic, read the views of several other authors that have covered the topic, and then decide to write their perspective on the selected topic.  Some write specifically in one or two niches in which they may have spent a career.  They capitalize on their expertise on a particular subject and offer their views and knowledge to get the point across, or support a point of view.  To spin fragments of sentences previously written and call it original is blasphemous in this writer’s eyes.

There is a real need for engaging content.  Storytelling, compelling content helps get messages across that help make people’s lives better, help to sell products and services and reinforce the marketing message of businesses across the globe.  Vomit articles are not only fraudulent, but a terrible way to present your business as a value conscious entity that truly cares about their customers and their brand.

If you are an inbound marketing agency, do yourself a favor.  If you do not possess the talent within your organization, seek out professional writers and stop using the word farms.  They cannot survive the content battle zones that are already re-defining the meaning of content marketing.

Good and Happy Marketing!


About davidjdunworth

Dunworth’s success comes from a simple belief; “I can sleep when I am dead; then there will be plenty of time for that!” Since the door to door days of his youth, Dunworth has opened, managed and sold more than 25 businesses, and works as a consultant to entrepreneurs and emerging enterprises. His advice for entrepreneurs desiring to grow quickly: “Find the busiest man or woman you can find and enlist their support. You’d be amazed at the results.”
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