Is Your Marketing Agency Blog Like the Cobbler’s Kids?


  Is your marketing agency blog showing signs that you are not taking care of your needs in deference to your clients?  The Cobbler’s Kids often were barefoot, and when they did have shoes, the replacement or updating of them was sorely lacking and poorly scheduled.  Your marketing agency blog deserves the same attention that your clients do, so here are a few recommendations that may prove worthy.

¨      Share the bench.  Identify other “cobblers” within the organization to share the blog posting role

¨      Practice what you preach.  Establish a content calendar that meets or exceeds the schedule your highest rated client’s.  In other words, if your best client is receiving five posts a week, then your blog should mirror that or better.

¨      Break it up.  Rather than post a 750 word article, break it down into two or three pieces and get more mileage out of the same piece.

¨      Outsource.  There are word farms and freelance that can supply content at reasonable rates.  While you focus on routine blog posts, freelancers may be able to provide the much-needed eBooks, White Papers and Case Studies under your name.

¨      Input Video/Multi-media. Use video to mix up the media; who says it always has to be written content?   There are platforms that not only incorporate video into emails and blogs like Talk Fusion, or multi-media presentation platforms like Knovio.

¨      Co-Brand Hubspot marketing materials.  There is a full library of Case Studies, eBooks and White Papers at your disposal that can be co-branded.

Your marketing agency brand is at stake when it comes to providing engaging content; your clients and potentials are counting on you being what you state you are.

David J Dunworth, Chief Creative, Primo Fini Content Marketers


David is a Performance Marketing Strategist at Primo Fini Content Marketers.  As Chief Creative, his areas of expertise are well sprinkled with awards, recognition and international acclaim.  With a global client base, David plays a key role in helping businesses large and small tell their story in compelling, engaging content formats.  From digital media to multi-media distribution, he and his company support inbound marketing agencies, their clients and individual enterprises in the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada and the United States.  David is a believer in focused discipline, tenacious research and performance driven content creation.  You may find a portfolio of his work at


About davidjdunworth

Dunworth’s success comes from a simple belief; “I can sleep when I am dead; then there will be plenty of time for that!” Since the door to door days of his youth, Dunworth has opened, managed and sold more than 25 businesses, and works as a consultant to entrepreneurs and emerging enterprises. His advice for entrepreneurs desiring to grow quickly: “Find the busiest man or woman you can find and enlist their support. You’d be amazed at the results.”
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