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More Ideas on Ideas

Just because you came up with the idea doesn’t mean that it is a good one; that you know best or your decisions are final. Stay humble, open to suggestion and review each step in the process, each milestone and every interaction as though it meant success or failure at any given moment. If you don’t move cautiously, and rush to conclusions without interaction and critique from others, your idea may not turn out as successful as you want. Use the people you have gathered around you as critical components of the process from start to outcome. A team effort is always better than a single person’s viewpoint. Continue reading

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Email, Social Media or What?

Time is a cost that most marketers seem to take
little notice of, unless they are using direct mail. The fact of the matter is,
all forms of communications take time to prepare, deliver, monitor and analyze
results for their success or failure. Time is the great equalizer, and therefore
is something that must be taken into account. While there are virtual assistants
that can Tweet, Post on Facebook or send out mass emails, there are costs
involved. Continue reading

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Top Ten Must-Have Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs Part 2

The point is that, as an entrepreneur, it is important to know your limitations, fill in the shortcomings you have with competent people and let the experts do what they do. Continue reading

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Video Email Basics for Today’s Marketers

Sending video emails with full color custom templates to highlight them is as easy as pie, and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the ability to either. Continue reading

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Much ado about nothing

I fully understand the vallue of social media in the marketing mix, but I also feel that if Twitter has any value whatsoever, it is the weakest link in the social media chain.

Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship after Military Service

The Over-Caffeinated Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship after Military Service By David J Dunworth Your service to this great country is commendable, and now that you have returned, you need to go on with your life.  Depending on your individual situation, the job … Continue reading

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Bad One Man Theater

“Never act alone, that is, unless you are willing to live completely alone with the results. For if you make your business decisions in a vacuum, more than likely your outcomes will be less than joyous to those in your life. Everyone needs a critic, so use the people closest to you to help guide your thinking. Continue reading

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Ideas for Ideas for the Entrepreneur

“This article was originally published in The Examiner (www.examiner.com), and is reprinted with permission. This article may not be reproduced in whole or part without including the name of this author and an acknowledgement of the fact the article was originally … Continue reading

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Kick Starting the Start Up Part 4 of 4

So far this four part series has covered what it takes to get that start up business from the idea stage through to funding. Now we are to cover the final aspect of the series, the marketing and advertising of … Continue reading

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Kick Starting the Start Up Pt. 2 of 4

Just a reminder: Part One introduces the process of idea generation and an overview of what is necessary to take it to another level. Remember the 4 step process? The Idea – It’s Not Rocket Science (unless it is)  Plan … Continue reading

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