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Just when I Thought the Internet was Great………….

If you read my articles, you know I don’t take sides in much of anything, I merely write content about the aspects of business, marketing, entrepreneurship etc.  I do, however, use the internet as a research vehicle for my writing, … Continue reading

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True to Your Corporate Values?

  In the good old days, corporations formulated their brands and corporate values from the inside out. That is to say, that the deeply held values of the person at the top insisted that the entire organization hold true to … Continue reading

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Employee Break Room Essentials: Design and Supplies

This space can house more than a place for lunch or a coffee break, it can contain information on activities employees may be involved with, such as volunteer groups or other outside activities that they might be involved with as a group. It can also serve as a centralized information place for company benefits, postings, etc. Employee morale is the one aspect of the workplace that is most affected by the employee break room. Supplies suited for the particular break room you choose should be taken into consideration when determining overall budget. Continue reading

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7 Thoughts for Start Ups

Remember, potential investors want to know “what’s in it for me,” so tailor your summary in such a way as to show how their investment may grow as levels of investment come in. For instance, at the very early stage, shares may be worth one dollar (or whatever amount you decide on), but once the next round of funding is requested, that level of shares may be worth two or three dollars. That means that early investors have the greatest amount of potential gain. Continue reading

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True Social Entrepreneurship

While it is admirable to consider one’s actions as a social entrepreneur to work within the non-profit environment, I contend that if not as important, it is more valuable to work within the framework of for profit social entrepreneurship. Profit is NOT a dirty word! Such dedication to profit generating enterprises will cause a more lasting impact on the population, the economy and the sustenance of the globe as well. After all, it’s better to teach a man to fish than it is to give a man a fish. Charity and good deeds, while noteworthy have limited and time sensitive impact on the recipient and marketplace. While it may feel good to do good works of charity handing out food, providing shelter or funding social works repeatedly, the recipient may be better off learning a skill that can provide sustainable income to remove him from economic hardship. Why not focus on how to improve people’s lives for the long term, rather than “getting them through the week.” By merely providing short-term charity, consider long-term time investment in the betterment of society through entrepreneurship, and the creation of jobs. Continue reading

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It’s Not If, But When?

Today’s experts in the field have learned the truth that it is all about making a connection with an individual, rather than shot-gunning they are rifling their messages to consumers. Marketers and advertisers know exactly where the eyes are, and they are on their mobile devices. No longer, is the mobile phone a luxury or “for emergency use only” device, it is the extension of our communications abilities, our vehicle to connect. Continue reading

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The Lucky Seven Must Do’s for Marketing Plans

It is of little consequence if your business is online or brick and mortar, a product or service type of business, small or large. All businesses need to utilize a formal plan, however constructed, as long as it is on paper. If you commit anything to paper, your focus will be enhanced by that action. Continue reading

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Got Mobile?

With U.S. business marketplace feverishly working toward incorporating mobile into their marketing and communications mix, it is estimated that by the end of 2012, 30% of all business will have mobile technology as part of their routine operating plan. Continue reading

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Daily Deals Will Cost $$$$$

Why not use mobile marketing campaigns for capturing customers? Sure, Groupon® and Living Social®, Gilt City®, Idilly®, Zully® and a host of others all can bring in customers, but at what cost? By incorporating a mobile marketing campaign along with it (or stand alone) by in-house advertising of a “Members Only” club, would-be joiners can simply “text to join” and you capture their data for as long as they remain in the “Club.”
My Gift to you is the concept of growing a loyal, dedicated customer base in which you can market to, reward, survey, coupon and an imagination’s worth of marketing opportunities Continue reading

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Top Ten Must-Have Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs Part 2

The point is that, as an entrepreneur, it is important to know your limitations, fill in the shortcomings you have with competent people and let the experts do what they do. Continue reading

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