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7 Thoughts for Start Ups

Remember, potential investors want to know “what’s in it for me,” so tailor your summary in such a way as to show how their investment may grow as levels of investment come in. For instance, at the very early stage, shares may be worth one dollar (or whatever amount you decide on), but once the next round of funding is requested, that level of shares may be worth two or three dollars. That means that early investors have the greatest amount of potential gain. Continue reading

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More Ideas on Ideas

Just because you came up with the idea doesn’t mean that it is a good one; that you know best or your decisions are final. Stay humble, open to suggestion and review each step in the process, each milestone and every interaction as though it meant success or failure at any given moment. If you don’t move cautiously, and rush to conclusions without interaction and critique from others, your idea may not turn out as successful as you want. Use the people you have gathered around you as critical components of the process from start to outcome. A team effort is always better than a single person’s viewpoint. Continue reading

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Email, Social Media or What?

Time is a cost that most marketers seem to take
little notice of, unless they are using direct mail. The fact of the matter is,
all forms of communications take time to prepare, deliver, monitor and analyze
results for their success or failure. Time is the great equalizer, and therefore
is something that must be taken into account. While there are virtual assistants
that can Tweet, Post on Facebook or send out mass emails, there are costs
involved. Continue reading

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Ideas for Ideas for the Entrepreneur

“This article was originally published in The Examiner (www.examiner.com), and is reprinted with permission. This article may not be reproduced in whole or part without including the name of this author and an acknowledgement of the fact the article was originally … Continue reading

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Kick Starting the Start Up Part 3 of 4

As a reminder, here’s what we’re working on:  Part One  – The Idea – It’s Not Rocket Science (unless it is)  Part Two –  Plan Your Work, Work Your Plans Part Three –  Did I Mention Money, Honey? Part Four  … Continue reading

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Kick Starting the Start Up Pt. 2 of 4

Just a reminder: Part One introduces the process of idea generation and an overview of what is necessary to take it to another level. Remember the 4 step process? The Idea – It’s Not Rocket Science (unless it is)  Plan … Continue reading

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Back to the Future

We are constantly learning and applying new information in our daily lives. If not, we might as well stop living. Continue reading

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Kick-Starting the Start Up Pt. 1 of 4

Kick Starting the Start Up is a 4 part article showcasing the processes necessary to succeed in going from pre-idea stage to full blown success. Continue reading

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