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The Retail and Tablet Disconnect

As stated by W. Sean Ford, COO and CMO of Zmags, “Only one quarter of retailers are ready to take a consumer through checkout over tablets, but 49 percent of today’s tablet owners said they plan to shop even more next year using their device.” Continue reading

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Daily Deals Will Cost $$$$$

Why not use mobile marketing campaigns for capturing customers? Sure, Groupon® and Living Social®, Gilt City®, Idilly®, Zully® and a host of others all can bring in customers, but at what cost? By incorporating a mobile marketing campaign along with it (or stand alone) by in-house advertising of a “Members Only” club, would-be joiners can simply “text to join” and you capture their data for as long as they remain in the “Club.”
My Gift to you is the concept of growing a loyal, dedicated customer base in which you can market to, reward, survey, coupon and an imagination’s worth of marketing opportunities Continue reading

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Retail Rallies Around Mobile – mHealth Uncertain of its Use

This article was originally published on The Growth Masters Daily (thegrowthmastersdaily.com) Retail Rallies Around Mobile – mHealth Uncertain of its Use By David J Dunworth O. C. E. As recently reported by Millennial Media (see SMART Report-April,’11), mobile commerce and … Continue reading

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War of the Cyber World-Fiction?

ATTENTION U.S. BASED CYBER HACKERS – Things are about to change for you. With the Pentagon considering military action against countries that harbor cyber terrorists, those in-country may just as well consider being next on the list. If this goes … Continue reading

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