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7 Thoughts for Start Ups

Remember, potential investors want to know “what’s in it for me,” so tailor your summary in such a way as to show how their investment may grow as levels of investment come in. For instance, at the very early stage, shares may be worth one dollar (or whatever amount you decide on), but once the next round of funding is requested, that level of shares may be worth two or three dollars. That means that early investors have the greatest amount of potential gain. Continue reading

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More Ideas on Ideas

Just because you came up with the idea doesn’t mean that it is a good one; that you know best or your decisions are final. Stay humble, open to suggestion and review each step in the process, each milestone and every interaction as though it meant success or failure at any given moment. If you don’t move cautiously, and rush to conclusions without interaction and critique from others, your idea may not turn out as successful as you want. Use the people you have gathered around you as critical components of the process from start to outcome. A team effort is always better than a single person’s viewpoint. Continue reading

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True Social Entrepreneurship

While it is admirable to consider one’s actions as a social entrepreneur to work within the non-profit environment, I contend that if not as important, it is more valuable to work within the framework of for profit social entrepreneurship. Profit is NOT a dirty word! Such dedication to profit generating enterprises will cause a more lasting impact on the population, the economy and the sustenance of the globe as well. After all, it’s better to teach a man to fish than it is to give a man a fish. Charity and good deeds, while noteworthy have limited and time sensitive impact on the recipient and marketplace. While it may feel good to do good works of charity handing out food, providing shelter or funding social works repeatedly, the recipient may be better off learning a skill that can provide sustainable income to remove him from economic hardship. Why not focus on how to improve people’s lives for the long term, rather than “getting them through the week.” By merely providing short-term charity, consider long-term time investment in the betterment of society through entrepreneurship, and the creation of jobs. Continue reading

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Video Email Basics for Today’s Marketers

Sending video emails with full color custom templates to highlight them is as easy as pie, and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the ability to either. Continue reading

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WTF? Why Not F.I.N.?

April 4, 2011 (Post Meet the Press) What is going on in this country these days, that will positively impact enterpeneurs and emerging enterprises? Not too much, I am afraid.  My opinion probably doesn’t mean much to the betterment of … Continue reading

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Focus Groups vs. Customer Advisory Panels

If you as the CEO don’t firmly have it in your blood to be customer centric, don’t even waste your time and money on this type of market research. Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship – Choice or Chance

  Here are some questions every worker in the United States (and abroad) should be asking themselves. ►  When is it a good time to become and entrepreneur?  ►  Should I risk becoming an entrepreneur? ►  Why become and entrepreneur? … Continue reading

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Kick Starting the Start Up Pt. 2 of 4

Just a reminder: Part One introduces the process of idea generation and an overview of what is necessary to take it to another level. Remember the 4 step process? The Idea – It’s Not Rocket Science (unless it is)  Plan … Continue reading

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Coop Marketing and Its Challenges/Opportunities

I learn from my mistakes; I’ve made most if not all of them as an entrepreneur. Why not learn from mine or someone else’s rather than your own. I call it Scar Tissue. Continue reading

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