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Key Question: Will a Social Media Marketing Campaign Really Work?

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. In fact, unless you undertake a comprehensive marketing analysis (what I prefer to call a current state inbound marketing survey), the answer will elude you completely. Continue reading

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Social Media Publishing


Content is King!

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How to Use Pinterest for Business

  Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm. Having only been around a couple of months, the discussions about how to use Pinterest for business is swirling into a frenzy on many a discussion forum. By now you … Continue reading

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Prescription for Change

Prescription for Change Getting your web site found in the new era of search What’s the Secret? Content, that’s what. Compelling, engaging quality content that makes your readers’ lives better, entertains them or solves a troublesome problem. Locking in loyalty … Continue reading

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Social Media is A out Being Social…..Who Knew?

I recognized the upside potential to the use of these sites, but without prior knowledge, I stubbed my toe so to speak by blurting information that was not asked for, taking too much for granted, and eventually sawed off the limb I was stranded on through my own ignorance. Continue reading

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Email, Social Media or What?

Time is a cost that most marketers seem to take
little notice of, unless they are using direct mail. The fact of the matter is,
all forms of communications take time to prepare, deliver, monitor and analyze
results for their success or failure. Time is the great equalizer, and therefore
is something that must be taken into account. While there are virtual assistants
that can Tweet, Post on Facebook or send out mass emails, there are costs
involved. Continue reading

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