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Just when I Thought the Internet was Great………….

If you read my articles, you know I don’t take sides in much of anything, I merely write content about the aspects of business, marketing, entrepreneurship etc.  I do, however, use the internet as a research vehicle for my writing, … Continue reading

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Why Embracing Content Marketing Makes Sense

Professionally speaking, a content marketing strategist is a mini-agency that can sift through the corporate goals and aspirations, information on the company’s web site, long-term mission and vision and other on-hand information and put an action plan together to be most effective. Continue reading

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Sorry I Have Been Gone

Sorry I have been gone for these past four months or more, but I have been on a quest to find my health, sanity and future.  You see, I went on a journey to the most unlikely of places for … Continue reading

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Lennon vs. Jefferson

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them,” T. Jefferson. Continue reading

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Daily Deals Will Cost $$$$$

Why not use mobile marketing campaigns for capturing customers? Sure, Groupon® and Living Social®, Gilt City®, Idilly®, Zully® and a host of others all can bring in customers, but at what cost? By incorporating a mobile marketing campaign along with it (or stand alone) by in-house advertising of a “Members Only” club, would-be joiners can simply “text to join” and you capture their data for as long as they remain in the “Club.”
My Gift to you is the concept of growing a loyal, dedicated customer base in which you can market to, reward, survey, coupon and an imagination’s worth of marketing opportunities Continue reading

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Mobile Money Transactions Going Global

Reported recently in a new research report by Berg Insight®, mobile money users will grow from 133 million users in 2010 to reach more than 700 million users in 2015. The total value of mobile money transactions will reach more than $215 Billion U.S. Continue reading

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Putting Off Procrastination

Stress-related disorders encompass a broad array of conditions, including psychological disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder) and other types of emotional strain (e.g., dissatisfaction, fatigue, tension, etc.), maladaptive behaviors (e.g., aggression, substance abuse), and cognitive impairment (e.g., concentration and memory problems). In turn, these conditions may lead to poor work performance or even injury. Job stress is also associated with various biological reactions that may lead ultimately to compromised health, such as cardiovascular disease, or in extreme cases death.

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Making the Email Marketing Campaign Decision

Think about it; does it make sense to run an email campaign? That depends. First of all, there is the creation, the scheduling and the tracking of the data received as a result of it. If you read my recent article on your first email marketing campaign, you already know how easy it can be. Now, more than ever, at least since the very early stages of the web and email, it can become extremely profitable.

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Growing Revenues Through Text Messaging

• More than 6 Billion text messages are sent and received every month.
• Eighty-five percent are opened within 3 minutes, and a whopping 94% of them are opened and read within the first hour of receiving them.
• The consumer always has the option to opt-in or opt-out of your message delivery.
• Marketing in this way is Permission-Based. The Consumer is in Control.

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Kick Starting the Start Up Part 3 of 4

As a reminder, here’s what we’re working on:  Part One  – The Idea – It’s Not Rocket Science (unless it is)  Part Two –  Plan Your Work, Work Your Plans Part Three –  Did I Mention Money, Honey? Part Four  … Continue reading

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