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True Social Entrepreneurship

While it is admirable to consider one’s actions as a social entrepreneur to work within the non-profit environment, I contend that if not as important, it is more valuable to work within the framework of for profit social entrepreneurship. Profit is NOT a dirty word! Such dedication to profit generating enterprises will cause a more lasting impact on the population, the economy and the sustenance of the globe as well. After all, it’s better to teach a man to fish than it is to give a man a fish. Charity and good deeds, while noteworthy have limited and time sensitive impact on the recipient and marketplace. While it may feel good to do good works of charity handing out food, providing shelter or funding social works repeatedly, the recipient may be better off learning a skill that can provide sustainable income to remove him from economic hardship. Why not focus on how to improve people’s lives for the long term, rather than “getting them through the week.” By merely providing short-term charity, consider long-term time investment in the betterment of society through entrepreneurship, and the creation of jobs. Continue reading

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Mobile Money Transactions Going Global

Reported recently in a new research report by Berg Insight®, mobile money users will grow from 133 million users in 2010 to reach more than 700 million users in 2015. The total value of mobile money transactions will reach more than $215 Billion U.S. Continue reading

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